Sausages: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Nowadays, people are very much conscious when it comes to what they eat. This is possibly attributed to recent news evolving around cancer-causing food. Part of the food groups that have been linked to bad press exposure is eating meat, particularly processed meat.

According to a survey conducted by NatCen Social Research in 2016, three in ten British consumers have cut back on the amount of meat they consume in the past 12 months. This leads us to a controversial question. Are sausages good for you? Are there health benefits when you eat your favorite sausage? Below are top three reasons not to eliminate sausages in your breakfast menu.

  1. Sausages are primary sources of high organic protein.

The sausage protein is directly absorbed by the body. In addition, sausages comprise of all essential amino acids. They are responsible in promoting muscle and cell growth. Each serving delivers high satiety value due to its high protein and fat content. Moreover, several researches reveal that protein-rich intake during breakfast aids in controlling sugar craving prior to eating lunch. It also helps in limiting the calorie consumption during lunch. Thus, you will less likely crave for “junk” food.

Majority of the sausages also contain amino acids such as tryptophan and serotonin. These acids are recognized as mood enhancers. To start your day on a positive note, eat breakfast sausage. This explicates why sausage is more beneficial when eaten as an early morning meal.

  1. Sausages provide vitamin B-12.

Vitamin B-12 is a nutrient that ensures healthy red blood cells. The body thrives to make hemoglobin, a protein needed by the blood to transport oxygen all over the body. It also plays a significant role in the brain’s function. In addition, eating the recommended dietary sausage serving protects the body from nerve damage. Lastly, adequate consumption of food rich in vitamin B-12 aids in the fat and protein metabolization.

  1. Sausages contain iron and potassium.

Iron is another important mineral needed to produce hemoglobin. Beneficially, sausages are rich in iron. Ample consumption of food rich in iron guarantees that your body can make sufficient amount of hemoglobin to maintain red blood cell function.

Another mineral found in sausages is potassium. It is responsible in the body’s regulation of blood pressure and maintenance of fluid balance. Potassium also helps in the regular function of the digestive system. Finally, it also allows smooth contraction of the muscles.

Although sausages are difficult to resist, keep in mind that too much consumption on a daily basis is bad for your health. One does not have to avoid the good taste of sausage. But you can limit how much you eat. Having it for breakfast once or twice a week is ideal. Opt to buy sausages with low fat and low sodium variety. You can also pair sausages with other fiber-rich foods such as whole grain breads and breakfast salads. By practicing restraint and proper diet, you can benefit from the food’s essential nutrients without risking your health.

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